Gender and War


Table of Contents

Karin Ikas: Editorial

Karin Ikas: A Message to the Emperor & “The Battle of the Cradle”: Gendered Nationalism and Identity Politics in the Great War

Walter W. Höbling: Texans, War Fever, and the Absence of the Female

Sylvia Vance: “On the Knife-edge of Time”: Katherine Burdekin and Naomi Mitchison

Annedith Schneider: Building the Nation: Narrating Women and the Algerian War

Konstanze Kutzbach (Review): Palmer, Paulina. “Lesbian Gothic: Transgressive Fictions.” London and New York: Cassell, 1999.

Miriam Wallraven (Review): Penelope Deutscher. “A Politics of Impossible Difference: The Later Work of Luce Irigaray.” Ithaca: Cornell UP, 2002.

Tina Wald (Review): Dimple Godiwala. “Breaking the Bounds. Feminist Dramatists Writing in the Mainstream since c. 1980.” New York: Peter Lang 2003.

ajaykumar (Review): Butoh and Transcending the Identity of Sex. Towards a “tantric” interpretation of Sankai Juku’s Kagemi, Sadlers Wells Theatre, London, June 2003.

Agata Maslowska (Review): Is She Not He Or He Not She? Review of Richard II & Richard III staged at the Globe Theatre.

Tina Wald (Review): Gender and Race Debat(tl)ed on the London Stage. Review of Roy Williams: Fallout (12 June – 19 July 2003 at the Royal Court Theatre downstairs).

Jane Eaton Hamilton: Goombay Smash


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