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Iron Man, Superman, Batman, and beyond: Gender and Super Heroes

Since the first Iron Man film in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has continually branched out to cover more and more ground. Building on the original comics’ popularity, film makers are bringing new renditions of beloved characters to both the big and small screen. Even though film critics and news outlets have begun to wonder when ‘super hero fatigue’ will strike what can be seen as an oversaturated market, the box office of recent films such as Captain America: Civil War (2016) indicates no such waning of audience interest. This issue of gender forum concerns itself with the representation of super heroes in both film and television. The marginalisation of female super heroes in theatres has been frequently commented upon, and the first female-centric film (Wonder Woman) will not be released until 2017. At the same time, shows such as the critically acclaimed Jessica Jones (2015-), Agent Carter (2015-2016) and Supergirl (2015-) are carving out some space for female super heroes on the small screen. We are interested in both articles on the marginalised female super hero and trends in super hero films in general. We are looking for articles on

  • the lack of female representation
  • Endeavours to diversify the genre
  • a crisis of masculinity
  • bands of super heroes as alternative families
  • engendering super heroes (Jarvis/Vision)
  • medial differences between TV and cinema adaptations as well as adaptational analysis in General

In keeping with the journal’s scope, all submissions must have a strong gender studies component. Abstracts of no more than 300 words are due by November 15, 2016. Please also include a brief author bio. The full articles of 5000-8000 words (MLA style, numbered paragraphs) are due February 28, 2017.

(Publication date: Spring 2017)

Threads of Eternity? Gender and Marriage in the 21st Century

‘What does marriage look like today?’ will be the crucial question in our upcoming issue on gender and marriage in the 21st century. Embedded in this are ethical and sociological deliberations on the values of contemporary forms of marriage and partnership in different cultures with ever faster-changing societies. What is the status of marriage in a world that faces demographic transitions, shifts in the composition of families, increasing divorce rates, secularisation on the one hand and religious conservatism on the other? In the discussion of such pressing questions we will cover a wide area of subjects ranging from marriage equality, arranged and forced marriages to domestic violence and plural marriages. Recent developments in marital law, like the same-sex marriage legislation in the U.S. following a Supreme Court ruling in 2015, and religious declarations, like the 14th Synod of Bishops in the Roman Catholic Church which sees minor changes in the options for remarried divorcees, may be indications of either re-interpretations or adherences to a conventional concept of marriage. Other possible topics for articles may include:

  • Influences of female empowerment on marriage
  • Reasons for and against marriage equality (do queer people want marriage?)
  • Changing societies and its implications for marriage and family
  • Debate on marital values in modern societies
  • Issues of forced marriage and domestic violence
  • Alternative life concepts to marriage?
  • History of marriage

Please note that all submissions must have a strong emphasis on gender issues. Abstracts of no more than 300 words and a brief biography should be submitted by March 1, 2017. The deadline for the completed papers of 5000-8000 words (MLA style, numbered paragraphs) is April 1, 2017.

(Publication date: Summer 2017)

Target articles should conform to current MLA Style (8th edition) and should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words in length. Please make sure to number your paragraphs and include a bio-blurb and an abstract of roughly 300 words. Files should be sent as email attachments in Word format. Please send your manuscripts to gender-forum”AT”uni-koeln.de.

We always welcome reviews on recent releases in Gender Studies! Submitted reviews should conform to current MLA Style (8th edition), have numbered paragraphs, and should be between 750 and 1,000 words in length. Please note that the reviewed releases ought to be no older than 24 months. In most cases, we are able to secure a review copy for contributors.

Publishers are welcome to send us new publications pertaining Gender Studies. Please send review copies, review suggestions, queries or submissions to gender-forum”AT”uni-koeln.de.

Titles currently up for review (other suggestions welcome):

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