Gender and the Body


Table of Contents


Anna Furse: Art of A.R.T.

Andrea Gutenberg: “Know that I do not suffer, unlike you…” – Visual and Verbal Codings of Pain in Body and Performance Art

Sam Hume: The narrative of male violence on women’s bodies

Andrea Birk and Tina Wald: “One of my missions as a playwright is to let the witches and the magic back in.” An interview with Diane Samuels

Isabel Karremann (Review): Griffin, Gabriele, ed. “Who’s Who in Gay and Lesbian Writing.” London: Routledge, 2002.

Claudia Leitner (Review): Ikas, Karin Rosa. “Chicana Ways: Conversations with Ten Chicana Writers.” Reno & Las Vegas: University of Nevada Press, 2002.

Miriam Wallraven (Review): Hughes, Christina. “Key Concepts in Feminist Theory and Research.” London: Sage Publications, 2002.

Diane Samuels: Cinderella’s Daughter. An excerpt.


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