Table of Contents

Laura-Marie von Czarnowsky: Editorial

Sebastian Probst: Renegotiating White Male Hegemony in Contemporary Period Fiction: An Analysis of the Television Serials Copper and Hell on Wheels

Angelica De Vido: “I Want to be a Macho Man”: Examining Rape Culture, Adolescent Female Sexuality, and the Destabilisation of Gender Binaries in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Dennis SchäferNosferatu Revisited: Monstrous Female Agency in Penny Dreadful

Jonas Neldner: “I should have let her die”: a Posthuman Future between (Re)-Embodiment and Cyborgian Concepts

Christian David Zeitz: Dreaming of Electric Femmes Fatales: Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner: Final Cut (2007) and Images of Women in Film Noir

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