Women in the Medical Profession: Personal Narratives

Table of Contents

Carmen Birkle: Editorial

Bärbel Höttges: Blogging the Pain: Grief in the Time of the Internet

Katie Ellis: A Quest Through Chaos: My Narrative of Illness and Recovery

Elizabeth J. Donaldson: Lauren Slater’s Lying: Metaphorical Memoir and Pathological Pathography

Aimee Burke Valeras: A Balancing Act: How Women with a Hidden Disability Perform Femininity

Stella Bolaki: “What the Book Told”: Illness, Witnessing, and Patient-Doctor Encounters in Martha Hall’s Artists’ Books

Julia Mason: “Lessons to Learn”: Constructions of Femininity in Popular Magazine Breast Health Narratives

Cecile Ann Lawrence: The Case of the Missing Areolae: Race and Breast Reduction Surgery

Review: Judit Gadzi, Andrea Petö and Zsuzsanna Toronyi, (eds.): “Gender, Memory, and Judaism”.

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