Gender and Visualization

Table of Contents


Simone Celine Marshall: Perspectiva, Perspective, and the Narrative Frames of “The Assembly of Ladies”

Efrat Biberman: “You never look at me from the place from which I see you”

Myra Mendible: Visualizing Abjection: Gender, Power, and the Culture of Humiliation

Brian Curtin (Review): Binnie, Jon. “The Globalization of Sexuality.” London: Sage, 2004.

Miriam Wallraven (Review): Felicity A. Nussbaum, “The Limits of the Human: Fictions of Anomaly, Race, and Gender in the Long Eighteenth Century.” Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2003.

Susan de Gaia (Review): Carol P. Christ, “She Who Changes. Reimagining the Divine in the World.” New York: Macmillan, 2003.

Jennifer Law Sullivan (Review): Bland, Caroline and Máire Cross, “Gender and Politics in the Age of Letter- Writing, 1750-2000.” Aldershot: Ashgate, 2004.

Mary Kennan Herbert: “Bethesda Hospital,” “Small Craft Warnings,” “Wartime Years in St. Louis,” “Not Your Usual Weekend at the Beach”

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