Queer Concerns

Table of Contents


Ulrike E. Tancke and Anja Müller-Wood: The Hidden Misogynies of Queering “light”: The Case of “The Hours”

Chris Michael: “Femme(inine) Diaspora”: Queering the lesbian femme

Susanne Jung: Queering Popular Culture: Female Spectators and the Appeal of Writing Slash Fan Fiction

Dimple Godiwala: “Aunt Mary”: The Dialectics of Desire

Susanne Gruss: “People confuse personal relations with legal structures.” An Interview with Margaret Atwood

Georg Brunner (Review): Weeks, Jeffrey. “Sexuality. Second Edition.” London: Routledge, 2002.

Aldona Pobutsky (Review): Heller, Tamar and Patricia Moran. Eds. “Scenes of the Apple. Food and the Female Body in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Women’s Writing.” New York: State University of New York Press, 2003.

Isabel Karremann (Review): Sylvia von Arx, Sabine Gisin, Ita Grosz-Ganzoni, Monika Leuzinger, Andreas Sidler (eds.). “Koordinaten der Männlichkeit: Orientierungsversuche.” Tübingen: edition diskord, 2003.

Samantha Hume (Review): “”Unless” we realise, “Unless” we change, “Unless” we speak…..” Carol Shields: “Unless”. London: Fourth Estate, 2002.

Julia Pascal: Theresienstadt

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