Table of Contents


Uplabdhi Sangwan: “Jasmine” as a Fantasy

Megan Condis, Kaitlin Marks-Dubbs, T.J. Tallie: Speaking Through ‘Lard-Slicked Lips’ – Fatness, Racism, and Narratives of Self-Control Encircling the Paula Deen Scandal

Trevor Boffone: A “Wild Zone” of Her Own: Locating the Chicana Experience in the Theatre Works of Josefina López

Zoila Clark: Maxine Hong Kingston, Ghostbuster Feminist

Ellen J. Stockstill (Review): Masculinity and the Expansion of Women’s Rights in Ben Griffin’s The Politics of Gender in Victorian Britain

Shu-Ju Ada Cheng (Review): “The Sex Lives of College Students: Two Decades of Attitudes and Behaviors.”

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