Table of Contents

Laura-Marie Schnitzler: Editorial

Frederic Rukes: The Disruption of Normativity: Queer Desire and Negativity in Morrissey and The Smiths

James D Warwood: The Razor Edge of Accommodation: Violent Perception and the Nonbinary Body in Gender Failure

Molly Marotta: “Instrument and Screen of All Your Villainies”: Charlotte Clarke, Deviant Bodies, and Disguise in George Lill0’s The London Merchant

Roweena Yip: Feminist Interventions and Intercultural Mobilities in Satoshi Miyagi’s ‘Othello in Noh Style’

Megan Lieff: Effects of Usenet on Discussions of Sexual Assault in the BDSM Community in the 1990s

Ali Alsmadi (Review): Anne J. Cruz and María Cristina Quintero, editors: Beyond Spain’s Borders: Women Players in Early Modern National Theaters

Kirsten Stoddart (Review): The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu, 2017)

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